Sunday, March 23, 2008

chinese lanterns (physalis alkekengi)

happy easter! lots to do today, so just a quick photo update on the chinese lanterns for the ygg grow-a-long...

these were started from seed on april 23, 2006 under grow lights and then were moved outside on may 29, 2006.

i transplanted a few of the plants into the pot below and they came back in 2007. today, they're still outside and seem to be doing just fine.

it's important to remember that chinese lanterns are invasive (have a tendency to spread throughout the garden and beyond), so choose your location wisely and perhaps contain them in pots as show above.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

palm sunday orchid show

today i attended the michigan orchid society's annual "palm sunday orchid show." there were many vendors and knowledgeable lecturers.

it's been a while since the plant bug bit me, but with signs of spring these past few days, i can't help but think of gardening and plants this time of the year. for me, it's good to have winter come around for a few months. after winter, springtime brings renewal and excitement to my gardening adventures! here are a few more photos of the beautiful orchids i saw today...for anyone who knows me, you'll be amazed that i actually held back and didn't purchase a plant today. orchids are addicting, but i need to find space for new plants!