Sunday, May 4, 2008

2008 seed starting (a little late start)

i finally got around to starting my seeds this year! it's been a little crazy lately...i lost my grandmother about a week and a half ago. she lived in the philippines, so my family and i were sort of scrambling to find my parents flights to manila. also, since the last time i blogged, we've added a new member to the family. my sister got a new puppy named diva. she's the cutest thing ever, but of course she needs a lot of attention and training right now. she's a miniature long-haired dachshund.

while i did recently lose my lola ("lola" means "grandmother" in tagalog), i find comfort in knowing that she is in a better place. my wonderful co-workers gave me a beautiful plant arrangment which included a peace lily, african violets, and a type of dracaena. there are a couple other plants that i'm not able to identify, so i hope to contact the florist so i can make sure they are identified - that way i can try to take care of them based on their needs. my grandma and grandpa loved gardening. when they lived with us, they spent many days setting up and caring for the vegetable garden in my parents' backyard. the garden was a labor of love for the entire family. i supposed that's where i also caught the plant bug.

while i'm a bit late in starting my seeds, the weather has been cool on and off. we had a 79 degree day and also a day in the 30s within the past couple of weeks. i truly hope that i'm not too late starting some seeds and that the seeds that i did plant are still viable. i also had a request from my dad to start a few of his seeds while he and my mom are away. here's the list:

dad's plants:

  1. okra - seeds dried in the fruit (i'll try to post a photo soon) - 3 cells
  2. red hot chili peppers (seeds from last year's harvest) - 3 cells
  3. red bell pepper (seeds from last year's harvest) - 6 cells
  4. orange bell pepper (seeds from last year's harvest) - 6 cells
  5. yellow bell pepper (seeds from last year's harvest) - 6 cells
  6. eggplant, oriental long purple heirloom ('05 from ygg seed exchange) - 6 cells
  1. basil, cinnamon ('05) - 6 cells
  2. basil, italian large leaf ('05) - 6 cells
  3. basil, sweet ('06) - 6 cells
  4. dill ('05) - 6 cells
  5. chamomile, german ('05) - 6 cells
  6. parsley, italian flat leaf ('05) - 6 cells
  1. tomato, brandywine, organic ('05) - 6 cells
  2. tomato, red currant ('06) - 3 cells
  3. tomato, roma, heirloom ('04) - 6 cells
  4. tomato, yellow pear, heirloom ('05) - 6 cells
  1. aster, annual sea star mix ('06) - 12 cells
  2. coneflower, purple ('06) - 3 cells
  3. daisies, shasta (from ygg swap) - 3 cells
  4. hollyhock, black, ('06)
  5. marigold, french vanilla hybrid - 3 cells
  6. moss rose, (from ygg swap) - 12 cells
  7. zinnia, cut & come again ('06) - 3 cells
  8. zinnia, giant dahlia ('04) - 4 cells
  9. zinnia, cactus flowered ('04) - 3 cells
everything is currently in humidity trays under cool and warm plant lights. i also moved my cattleya orchid from the window to the lights. i have a couple incandescent lights for heat. everything is plugged into a power strip which is plugged into a timer set to turn everything on between 5a and 8p to get 15 hours of light and warmth.

have a great week, everyone! be sure to take some time out to renew.

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