Monday, April 12, 2010

spring sprouts

a few weeks ago, i stopped into my local nursery and garden supply store, telly's greenhouse, and picked up a seed sprouter.  i'm not usually a big fan of sprouts, but i had a sandwich a while back that included alfalfa sprouts and garbanzo sprouts.  it added a whole new texture to the typical sandwich.  so, i decided to give sprouts a second chance - and while i'm at it, why not try to grow my own?  and it happens to be my day off - time to hopefully catch up on home projects that have been lingering for months (some, for a couple years - yikes!).

you see, another one of my dislikes about sprouts is how quickly they can go bad.  i'd buy a bag of them, use about a tenth of its contents and a couple days later, well, they just didn't seem so fresh.  by using a seed sprouter, i can grow sprouts in small amounts whenever i please.

today i started two different seeds, alfalfa and snow pea, in jam jars covered with 250 ml of water and covered them with paper towel and a rubber band, allowing the seed to swell.  tonight, before i go to bed, i should be able to move them to the two-tier sprouter which you can view here.  if all goes well, i'll the sprouts will be ready to eat in two to seven days!

no, i wasn't able to find garbanzo seeds - they ran out of them.  i'll take this as a sign that they are just as good homegrown as the one i had in that dream sandwich.

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