Thursday, October 7, 2010

Succulent Border (2005 --> 2006)

A quick look at how quickly this succulent border made it self at home in my front garden.  My front garden includes perennials and annuals.  My dad and I planted this border back in 2005.  It was one of my favorite plants from my parents' garden and reminds me of my childhood.  They still have the same original border which shows just how hardy these plants are.  I remember accidentally running over this border with my bike many times back in the day - they're indestructible!

The small plants from 2005 are actually tiny transplants from my parents' garden.  I'm so happy to have this little piece from a happy, carefree time here with me today.

2005: Succulent border transplant

2005: Succulent border transplant (close-up)

One year later...
2006: Succulent border transplant (close-up)

One year later...2006: Succulent border transplant

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